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DML Book Series: LIVE!

I was about to write a blog entry on the MacArthur Series on Digital Media and Learning going live this week and the announcement of a new journal, the International Journal of Learning and Media. But danah boyd did a posting on just that, with great links, for her apophenia blog that says everything I wanted to--so here, courtesy of "zephoria," a reblog. These are books worth buying!


MacArthur Series on Digital Media and Learning (it's live!)

I am very very very pleased to announce that the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Series on Digital Media and Learningis now out in the world and ready for your affection. The purpose ofthe series is to "examine the effect of digital media tools on howpeople learn, network, communicate, and play, and how growing up withthese tools may affect a person's sense of self, how they expressthemselves, and their ability to learn, exercise judgment, and thinksystematically." The series is published by MIT Press and contains sixbooks:

(Btw: I linked to the paperbacks. If you like hardcovers, go here.)

Each book has 8-10 peer-reviewed articles plus an intro andforeword. The articles are academic in nature, but written for a publicaudience and meant to be accessible and relevant to public discourse.

While I encourage everyone to purchase the books (they're cheap!), individual articles are also available for download here thanks to MacArthur and MIT Press. My article "Why Youth Heart Social Network Sites: The Role of Networked Publics in Teenage Social Life" is part of the "Youth, Identity, and Digital Media" book. I'm super excited about this series and I hope you are too.

Also, for those who don't know, MacArthur is doing unbelievable workin building a community for those invested in digital media andlearning. To learn more, check out the website or the Spotlight blog. MIT Press is also launching The International Journal of Learning and Media to collect and publish research in this area.



I've started reading the series and it is truly fabulous! I'm learning so much.


All: Don't forget Kathryn Montgomery's book, called Generation Digital, from MIT Press: and of course, Jeff Chester's tome, Digital Destiny. Both books bring up important points (and counterpoints) in the analysis and advocacy of digital learning.

At Shaping Youth we try to see all sides and facets with clarity and vision, so I'd add these two to the greatest hits list too! Anxious to read/review the above on DML and love the podcast idea too!