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Needle in a Haystack--Theme Song

Yesterday as I was driving around town, I was listening to the fabulousfunk show on NCCU's radio station (WNCU 90) hosted by the incomparablysmart, knowledgeable, and original Howard Burchette. He was featuringthe Gil sisters who formed the Velvelettes. He played their 1964 hitsingle "Needle in a Haystack" so, as a contribution to HASTAC(HAYSTACK, if you've never heard it pronounced)'s Needle, I thought I'dsee if I could find it on YouTube. It is there in audio only but there are other covers including by theBlossoms (another Motown band), the Aussie band The Twilights from1966, Dusty Springfield . . . and then there is also the 1934 FredAstaire song from "the Gay Divorcee."  HASTAC CHALLENGE:  Does anyonewant to do a compilation of all these different Needles in the HASTAC? How about a theme song contest?  Maybe some graphics too?   We could put the winners on Needle, or connect to your url.  Animation too?  Go for it!


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