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Bloggers Welcome

Now that the DML Competition deadline is over, the homepage willfeature any HASTAC blogger who wants to contribute to the HASTAC mission. Of course we have social rules and forms, but those are common sensical. We would love to have as many people in the HASTAC community contributing blogs as possible, on any HASTACy subject close to your heart. Please also post your jobs, opportunities, conferences, news, to the Forum. Soon, Needle will launch again, an online gazette, which will make it even more possible for anyone to communicate and add and collaborate. Tell your friends, tell your lists. Put HASTAC on your RSS feed. Join the Facebook HASTAC group and help make that happen. HASTAC is a virtual organization and it is as vibrant and vital as its members. Thanks to all who are contributing to our community. I will continue to write my postings, sometimes personal, sometimes technopersonal, sometimes just the facts, ma'm, only the facts. But I will be delighted if others continue to join me in making this a rich and exciting and thoughtful virtual watering hole. Bloggerswelcome!


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