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The Googlization of Everything

New from the Institute for the Future of the Book:

The Googlization of Everything: a book in progress by Siva Vaidhyanathan.

Renowned cultural historian and media scholar Siva Vaidhyanathan is writing his new book in public, on the Web. The Googlization of Everything will be a critical interpretation of the actions and intentions behind the cultural behemoth that is Google, Inc. The book will answer three key questions: What does the world look like through the lens of Google?; How is Google's ubiquity affecting the production and dissemination of knowledge?; and how has the corporation altered the rules and practices that govern other companies, institutions, and states? is a blog that will serve as a public journal and workshop space devoted to the development of this work, the latest in a series of "networked book" experiments run by the Institute for the Future of the Book. From Siva's opening post:

"As I use this site to compose the manuscript (an archaic word that I love too much to discard) for the book The Googlization of Everything, I hope to do so with your help.

...Closed composition is the default among writers. We go to great lengths to develop trusted networks of readers and other writers with whom we can workshop ? or as I prefer to call it because it's what the jazz musicians do, woodshed our work.
Well, I am going to do my best to woodshed in public. As I compose bits and pieces of work, I will post them here. They might be very brief bits. They might never make it into the manuscript. But they will be up here for you to rip up or smooth over."
Siva Vaidhyanathan teaches Media Studies and Law at the University of Virginia. His previous books are Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and How it Threatens Creativity (New York University Press, 2001), The Anarchist in the Library: How the Clash between Freedom and Control is Hacking the Real World and Crashing the System (Basic Books, 2004), and the collection, Rewiring the Nation: The Place of Technology in American Studies (editor). Siva is a fellow at the Institute for the Future of the Book and blogs at

The Institute for the Future of the Book is a small New York-based think tank dedicated to exploring new forms of discourse for the network age. Other recent publishing experiments include McKenzie Wark's Gamer Theory, an annotated online edition of the Iraq Study Group Report (with Lapham's Quarterly), and the open source social reading tool CommentPress. Read the Institute's blog, if:book.


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