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VR Jessica, YouTube Jessica, SL Jonathan, Podcast Delphine . . .

If you already have the October 15 DML Competition deadline firmly in your mind; if you have already posted the Call for Entries to every blog and list serv you know of and have sent it to all the students and colleagues and friends whose life could be changed by winning an award like this now; or if you read this blog but don't know a single person who might be interested in applying to the Competition and aren't interested yourself, then delete the "REMINDER" notices coming down the pike.  We are sending out a small army of avatars to keep that deadline firmly in mind. Here are the photo credits and explanations for our Reminding Avatars . . . and a general reminder, too, that the forms of digital learning can be as broad and creative as your imaginations. What was that deadline again? Oh, yeah. October 15. Apply at (duh)



You've already met our #1 avatar "VR Jessica" (a Spelman math and computer science student who helped create the Tartarus VR visualization with students in Duke's Classics Dept and School of Engineer and who is now on her way to Stanford. She was photographed in Duke's DiV in front of her own installation by Les Todd of Duke Photography). Some of you have already met a different Jessica, "YouTube Jessica" (a Duke Art and Art History major, new media artist, photoprapher, and videographer who also uses fashion, hair, and makeup as part of her performance body art.). YouTube Jessica can be seen in a video for the DML Competition that she acts in and that was filmed by documentarian and Cultural Anthropology doctoral student Dwayne Dixon ("couture Guerilla": Coming soon is "Second Life Jonathan," the avatar of one of our wonderful summer interns, a high school student who is a gifted SL designer, customizer, and a significant martial artist. (HASTAC webmaster Brett Walters photographed SL Jonathan). He will be followed by "Podcast David and Delphine" (also photographed by Les Todd) David was a colleague with me in the FHI "Interface" Seminar and I blogged about his really amazing presentation ( before, "Chocolate, Incense, Gagaku, Hiccup Music, Paper Airplanes, and Other Forms of Interaffectivity." He and two-year old daughter Delphine kindly came to visit when we were doing the VR shoot for the website and David (who is a musician) put one iPod earbud into his ear, Delphine picked up the other, and her face transformed into the visage of joy, pure joy. And our final avatar is "AI-Flickr Praba," multimedia performance artist Praba Pilar enacting the "InfoSpherian of the Future," at the San Jose library, in a serious and satirical (both) piece about the future of words and information directed by California artist and professor Adriene Jenick and in a stupendous photograph by Chris O'Neal which I also blogged about before ( and which you can also see, in its original colors and clarity, on Flickr. ( We thank all these humans and avatars, for their creativity and their art and their interest in digital learning and their energy in helping us spread the word about the DML Competition.

THERE! Credit due, credit given . . . Blogging Cat Sayeth: "Spread the word--and don't miss the deadline!"


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