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Journalism of the Absurd

Go to for Jonathan Sterne's great blog on food fights on the internet and videogames. If journalists can blame FOODFIGHTS on the internet, nothing is sacred. Anything technological--especially internet, social networking, videogames--are the #1 scapegoat of our era. It is all (whatever "all" is because of videogames, even though all the stats seem to suggest that youth today are better behaved (sad term) than in just about any other generation since WWII. But what are stats when you can resort to prejudice?

Journalism of the Absurd

June 14th, 2007

Apparently, there has been a rash of food fights at Canadian schools.Some of them are documented on YouTube. You can imagine where this isheading. Today, I spoke with a reporter assigned to write a story aboutwhether the press might be making too big a deal out of thefact that the food fights were planned online. He seemed to have asense of humor about his assignment. I confessed that I don?t normallybother to read crime stories, much less ones concerning food fights inhigh schools. But still, this is one of those classic cases: if thekids had planned the food fight by speaking to one another, would therehave been a rash of articles on the evils of conversation?



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