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Join Us Next Year in Southern California

Join Us Next Year in Southern California

For those who were not able to be part of "Electronic Techtonics: Thinking at the Interface," make sure you register on the HASTAC website so you can receive the first mailings about next year's conference, to be sponsored by UCHRI in southern California. By any measure, this year's conference, including its three "Future of Learning" public events, was incredible. We were at full capacity and beyond for everything. The talks were great. The conversations outside the talks was even more fruitful, not only across domains but within different parts of the same intellectual discipline. Knowledge is so segregated now that one computational scientist said to me, "You don't understand. HASTAC isn't just bringing together scientists and humanists; I've never met some of these people in my own field before." One collaboration resulted in a breakthrough in a logical problem that had been bugging the field for two or three years. And, of course, I was able to respond, "You don't understand. Many of these humanists have never met before either."


We talk a lot about "prosumption" and "customization" in Web 2.0 but this was the rare conference that allowed experts on each part of the complex process of technology to meet and exchange ideas. I've never seen a conference where there was more enthusiasm for learning (and so little for showing off). We're off to a great start, thanks to all of you who could be there. Apologies, again, to all who wanted to be at this year's session but who we could not accommodate. Maybe next year in southern California . . .


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