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How Much Digital Media? Some Numbers Courtesy of the MacArthur Foundation

Here are some interesting numbers drawn from various scholarly studies and supplied as part of the MacArthur Foundation press packet for its new initiative on Digital Media and Learning. Think about the implications of this for our students (entering class born ca. 1988):

Young people today spend on average of 6.5 hours a day with media.

87% of US teens aged 12-17 now use the internet, up 24% from 2000. Half of those go online every day.

78% of online teens have used the internet at school.

64% of young people 8-18 have downloaded music; 66% use IM;
39% have a cell phone; 18% have an MP3 player; 13% have a handheld device that connects to the internet.

8 in 10 online teens play games online.

Over 1/4 of young people report using more than one digital medium at a time.

Over 50% have created content for the internet.

19% keep a blog; 38% read blogs.

The majority of young people from each of the major ethnic and socio-economic groups now have internet access at home.

Teens who are not online are more likely to be low-income, African-Americans with limited access to technology.

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