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ABBYY FineReader

After a very overwhelming (and informative) workshop on XML and TEI, a HUGE thank you to Jennifer Grayburn for showing me how to use ABBYY FineReader. Successfully converted a pdf captivity narrative into a text file and uploaded it to Voyant!!!!!

Small steps...huge victory!!



Catherine, that's great! I am excited to see what you uncover once you are able to dive deeper into these captivity narratives. Move over John Demos! 


Small steps, but big conceptual ones. Imagine converting more of these into plain text, and then thinking how useful it might be to separate out all place names and stick them in GIS. Next thing you know, you're doing TEI on everything. AFR is a great OCR program--it's biggest downside is that it's proprietary, rather than open source. And, as I learned the hard way, it won't export text in XML format. But accuracy is unreal. 




I thought about the GIS component as well. I guess I need to investigate other OCR programs, because ultimately this information should be open to the public.