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Police Brutality: Through The Media

Police Brutality: Through The Media

“I Can’t Breath!!!” is what Eric Garner repetitively shouted while police had him in a chokehold. This chokehold was the cause of his death. The confrontation was caught on video, and spread throughout the media like a wildfire. People from all over were able to listen and see this incident, which had caused many controversies and protests throughout the United States. People marched through the streets filled with anger, in hopes of informing others about the brutal incidents involving police brutality and what it is doing to this society, while believing that “the law” has done wrong. Victims such as Tamir E. Rice, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant III, and many more have lost their lives because of police brutality. The majority of these victims are African Americans, and many African Americans are fed up with these killings. In the past, they have been hurt mentally and physically by “the law.” They have come a long way since then, yet in the present, with everything that has been going on it seems as if the “fight for their rights” are being mocked by “the law”

The talk of police brutality has been more known because of what the media has shown us. Especially with today’s technology, people are able to catch the moments of these incidents taking place. The major problem that African Americans want to point out, is the fact that these incidents are being caught on camera, yet there is little to no justice. The incident with Eric Garner, is not the only time that this has happened. A recent newspaper article published on Oct. 27, 2015 spoke out on this. Titled “Political Lies about Police Brutality”, the article touches upon how the evidence is right in front of our eyes and with the use of social media, the truth is being spilled. It is showing us the truth behind police misconduct against minorities, yet “the law” tends to find their way around the actual facts.

With police brutality being the result of many deaths and problems, it is not a surprise the many would question the cause of this issue. The way that the media has portrayed it to be, makes the majority of society look at this issue as a brutal form of police misconduct. African Americans are very upset with the confrontations that have been happening, which led many to believe that this problem is more than just misconduct. An article that was recently published by “PressTV” spoke about an American researcher and historian named Dr. Randy Short. He makes a claim that “The ‘police brutality’ against black people in the United States is actually ‘incremental genocide’ to get rid of African Americans.” The reason for his claim is because he states that “apartheid” is among our society. When using the word genocide, you’re saying that some form of higher power – in this case “the law” – is attempting to eliminate a racial group. The fact that Dr. Short claims the problem we are witnessing is genocide shows that it is very serious. Police brutality is a very controversial topic and because of that there have been many gatherings and protests about it. The BlackLivesMatters (BLM) movement is an example. They are an organization, with the majority of persons being African Americans, who march and speak out about police brutality. Groups such as BLM are attempting to stand up for their rights and show those who are blind to this what is really going on. Sadly though, occurrences with police brutality still happen till this day and with their voices are just not enough.

Incidents involving police brutality have been brought to the public’s attention because of the media. We see the posts online and listen to the news on a daily basis so it is impossible to be un-aware of this situation. Best example of this would be Eric Garner. Videos of police officers hurting and brutally handling people have gone viral and the media has pointed out how bad it has become. In exposing these incidents of police brutality, it has been hectic among many people. People are entitled to their own opinions and because of that they realize how racial discrimination play a huge part in the brutal actions towards African Americans. The media brought out attention to this problem in which many people are seeing the worse come out of these police officers. It does not help at all that in some of these cases the suspects are either unrightfully charged, or not charged at all. This has caused many people to feel unsafe with “the law.”

Overall, the media has been a major contribution to informing the public on the cases of police brutality. News networks such as CNN, BBC, ABC, and your local news, along with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have shown incidents such as Eric Garner, and made people see the wrong doings of “the law.” These networks have also helped bring many people together, marching through the streets along with the Black Lives Matter movement in hopes of putting an end to this madness. Recordings of these incidents are proof in showing how corrupted and cruel some of these confrontations can be. Police brutality has been a large topic of conversation for as long as anyone can remember. Many touch upon this topic because it has been an ongoing battle that society has been fighting for so long. Even actors, singers, entertainers, etc. address these problems in their own ways. One example could be Michael Jacksons’ “They Don’t Really Care About Us” music video. Taking place in “the slums” of Rio De Janerio, Brazil, Michael dances with the residents and a musical group called Olodum. As he sings his heart out about the poverty stricken favella called Dona Marta, he brings attention to how the government does not show a care in the world towards their people. He addresses the problem on how the system rejects and discriminates against minorities. He also points out the injustices against minorities and how the system can wrongfully accuse them. It relates to African Americans and what they go through with the system for the fact that problems involving police brutality show how misinterpreted African Americans be, and is a reason as to why police officers continue not to get indicted or charged for these killings. It is important that in today’s time, we have the actual recording for the truth, but we still can’t help to wonder why it is happening and when will it stop.



Great post Cassandra! I agree that the media has played a major role in informing everyone of the conflicts that go on today! For example, you mentioned the death of Oscar Grant which ultimately became a major motion picture. You can argue that stuff like movies,music videos and etc really help open the eyes of people that do not understand the tragedies that are happening so very often. 


Cassandra , I have the same view on police brutality which occurs in society today. We hear about it on the news and media. The case of Eric Garner is terrifying , watching video footage of Eric Grner being choked to death, by an ignorant person. I watched the hate and negligence that occurred throughout that video. Police brutality is real. So are the people involved. We have to be aware of these major incidents occurring in our city.


I remember watching the huge amount of people march in the city on the news and how united everyone was. It's overwhelming to think about the way this and other cases are treated. I feel like this blog was written with passion from someone who feels strongly about the injustices of this case. Great job.