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History Canada Developer Diary 1

Welcome to the first in a series of our development blog. Here we will be tracking how the game is made, including what hurdles weve overcome and releasing any juicy details of new game content to look forward to!


That being said, the last bits of polish are being applied to our first scenario Chapter 1 A New World (available in French and English).  In this scenario, you lead the French, English or one of the Native Nations of Turtle Island (such as the Mohawk or Algonkin). The year is 1534 and Jacques Cartier has arrived on the shores of the Baie de Gasp accompanied by a crew of 61 men. Explore the relationships between each nation and the impacts that the Fur Trade and European influence have had on Canadian History. 



Thanks to the generous contributions of Firaxis Games, the Civilization Community, The University of Winnipeg, Queens University, and our development team (most of which have kindly volunteered their time to us) we have improved the first scenario by leaps and bounds with more historical details and graphical improvements



  Take a look at the video below for a preview of The History Game Canada.





How many chapters will it be, once it's complete?


We will be releasing 2 additional chapters as well as a few "mini-chapters" for important, specific events in Canadian History.

Stay posted for more details!