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First experience working with Omeka and question about digitizing collections


Through an excellent introductory workshop to Omeka and data management hosted by the DH staff at Temple University’s library, I was introduced to some of the capabilities (and limitations) of working with Omeka. I have also just recently become involved with a project that seeks to digitize a large collection of (archaeological) artifacts; a number of anthropology graduate students will be involved in this effort. We  are still in the planning phases of this endeavor, so I thought I’d reach out to the HASTAC community for advice. At this stage, it is unclear as to what software program(s) we plan on using to manage the data. Data will exist as a variety of file types (text files, PDF files, image files, etc.), so we need a platform that can handle a variety of inputs. Eventually we also want to make (some of) the data available online for the purposes of sharing and promoting interdisciplinary research. Omeka has been mentioned as one possible platform to use for the purpose of data sharing.

Does anyone have experience spearheading this type of project? Do you have advice as to which programs to use to manage data and which platforms to use to host data online? The issues of data obsolescence and data loss were also discussed in my workshop on Omeka and data management, and I am interested in ensuring that both of these issues are addressed up front to help prevent loss of data in the future. I realize that there are many issues that need to be considered, but any advice you may be able to offer would be appreciated. 


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