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Introduction - Bryna R. Campbell

Hi all! I'm Bryna Campbell (preferred pronouns: her/she/hers). I just completed my PhD in art history from Washington University in St. Louis in May and I am currently an adjunct instructor at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. My background is in American art and visual culture, and my dissertation focused on graphic satire (and more specifically, the “comic grotesque”) in the U.S. in the 1910s-1930s.

For this workshop, I am sharing an old grad-school seminar paper and conference talk on Chicana artist/activist Ester Hernendez that I am revisiting to develop into an article. This project emerges from a set of related interests in arts and political activism, ecocritical approaches to art, and land management. The last time I worked closely at this research was more than five years ago, before my dissertation (and the birth of son, and later teaching) occupied most of my energy and time. I’m looking forward to examining the project with fresh eyes and the help new feedback. I have two short, but somewhat different versions of this paper (one for the seminar, one as a conference talk) and I’m looking forward to feedback on where to turn my focus for the article. Both works explore the intersection of Hernandez’s feminism, family background (her parents were farm workers in California’s central valley), and labor activism, but in slightly different ways. In the talk, I also examine the history of the Sun Maid icon—a key target of attack in Hernandez’s satirical works--and I'd like to include this in the final version. Advice on where to focus, where to expand, and how to frame it are all welcome.

As an Oregonian, I’m on Pacific Daylight Time. I can be reached on twitter: @BrynaRCampbell. I'm a newcomer to Hastac, and am excited for the upcoming week!


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