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Hello from MSU!

Hey everyone!

My name is Brooke Hawkins and I'm one of the new HASTAC scholars for the class of 2013. 

I'm so excited to be a part of this wonderful collaboration of scholars! It has been really exciting reading some of your posts, and learning about your research interests. As an undergraduate at Michigan State University, all of you scholars are teaching me a lot about potential areas of research and study. I look forward to interacting with you all more throughout the coming year, and learning from all of the work we do. 

Like I mentioned, I'm from East Lansing, Michigan. I study Professional Writing and English at MSU. I currently work in an innovative, creative workspace for students called the Creativity Exploratory. Here, I work with students from many different disciplines on many different collaboritve projects. Most recently, a few of my coworkers and I designed a kiosk with historical information about the nine different buildings that make up our college at MSU. It was a really interesting experience to work with students with different backgrounds. My writing and research experiences were met with other knowledges of Art History and design in order to make the final product. I look forward to talking more about that project in the future!

This year, I am also working on a project with other students and faculty in my department to create a digital resource to help educate people about freelance writing and editing. Becoming a successful freelancer requires a lot of information that is not often easy to find all in one place. When we are finished, we hope to have created a resource where people can find both information to help them enter the field of freelancing, and a place for writers to talk about their experiences with other seasoned writers and editors. I will also be sharing updates about this project as we make more progress!

Again, I look forward to meeting more of you through this program. Some of the research projects I've read about have been extremely interesting, and I am excited to learn more from all of you!




Hi Brooke,

It's nice to meet you!  It sounds like you're doing neat stuff at MSU, especially in regards to the Creativity Exploratory. I checked the webpage out and was impressed by all of the projects. The graffiti project, in particular, caught my eye as it seems like a smart and creative way to transform an illegal activity into a community-oriented, artistic one.

I'm curious, though: how does the Exploratory encourage student participation?  Do students collaborate with their peers on their own or are these types of activities largely based on class/group projects?

Again, it's nice to meet you, Brooke; thanks for sharing!


It's nice to meet you too! I really appreciate your interest in our projects, specifically the graffiti project. I was one of the three students who worked on the project, so if you have any questions let me know! 

To answer your question, the Creativity Exploratory encourages student involvement by being a workspace for students in our College of Arts and Letters. It is a fun space that is not only full of camera equipment, computers, and brainstorming rooms, but it is also filled with really creative people, fun objects, and candy. This mix of utility and fun has made a space that students can create interesting things in outside of the traditional classroom. 

As a student, when I am assigned digitalmedia work in my classes or I have to meet in a group, I usually come here. Also, professors often direct their students to our space when they assign projects that require our tools and space. As someone who also works in this space, I recently helped a class workshop to think about ways they could "remix" their traditional literacy narrative papers, using video, audio, or other visual representations to convey their assignments in alternative ways. Straddling the role of both being a student and an organizer in this space has been interesting. I could really keep talking about this place all day, so if you have more questions please let me know! 

Also, looking at your profile, I see that you are a student of Rhetoric and Composition at Washington State. I am looking to pursue graduate study after my time at MSU in the field of Rhetoric studies and would like to talk to you more about your experiences at Washington!