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SURE Robotics Research final blog

SURE Robotics Research final blog

After conducting several weeks of extensive research and programming I was able to begin designing and testing my product. My goal was to have a game that consisted of simplistic characters that use bright colors to help children understand math skills. From my research conducted on developing children’s applications colors and simplicity were two important elements highlighted by mobile devices expert Priya Viswanathan. Meeting with graphic designer Melvin Rice helped me to make my goals into a reality. He was able to create several game components, including: start/stop buttons, bins, shapes, a robot, and a monster. The designs below were helpful in making meaningful game aesthetics, visuals, and sounds. 

Upon the completion of the game, I had five individuals test the first level of the game and complete a survey. My participants consisted of three males and two females in their mid-20.  Children were not used due to liability issues and the development process of the game. Each participant completed a survey that asked the following questions: Was the game enjoyable? Did you find it visually appealing? Was it easy to understand? Was it easy to function?

The survey provided valuable information on ways I could improve the game and aspects that were beneficial. Based on the data received individuals expressed satisfactory with the aesthetics and ease of usability. I was also given important feedback on ways I could improve the functionality of the game. The first was enhancing the operation of the game objects. The second was creating additional levels of the game. The current game allows the child only to drag a circle to a bin by adding more levels I could focus on other math standards for children based on Common Core. Third, incorporating social interaction features between the android application and the Avatar Robot. The last important component is having kindergarten and first grade students test the product and implement their feedback.  

In conclusion, I was able to create a game in virtual reality that incorporated the Common Core standards for children in kindergarten. Common Core standards are implemented by a variety of states and U.S. territories with the purpose of preparing students for higher level education. The SURE Robotics program was very beneficial in allowing me to understand the research process. Also, I was able to understand that sometimes research will not always work on the first try.  Speaking with graduate students and meeting with Dr. Ayanna Howard allowed me to consider the important aspects of technology. As I finished the 10 week research program I was able to understand the design process, and the ability to develop problem solving skills. 


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