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Augmented Reality Picture Book

I wrote a computer program that uses a webcam to fuse the real world (a printed book) with the virtual world (computer-generated graphics), thus creating an augmented reality. The effect is a picture book that appears to have illustrations that pop up from the pages. When a page from the book is moved, the illustration moves with it, as if physically attached. The book displays different illustrations when the pages are turned because my computer program recognizes the specific images, called markers, that are printed on the pages. The video below is what appears on the user's computer screen when the program is running, a webcam is pointed at the book, and the pages of the book are turned. If the user wears a head-mounted display to display the video directly in front of their eyes, the user feels like the illustrations are really popping up from the pages in front of them.

I am currently developing this project further. The functionality is mostly complete, but more work needs to be done with the 3D animation. My goals are to fine-tune the aesthetics, possibly add movement to the illustrations, and emphasize a cyclical (as opposed to linear) storyline.

Thanks to ARToolkit, Ogre, Blender, and MakeHuman for giving me the tools to make this work. Also thanks to Kyle Johnsen for teaching me virtual reality programming and for providing the basic code needed to create this. Concept, artwork, and coding by Brittany Norman.


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