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MOOCs help liberal arts colleges to do what they do best


Recent articles like this one have explored the connection between MOOCs and the liberal arts. Cathy Davidson has carried the conversation to the HASTAC community here. But, what do liberal arts colleges themselves have to say about MOOCs?

Monmouth College President Mauri Ditzler doesn’t see MOOCs as a threat to a liberal arts education; in fact, he argues that MOOCs can free us up to do what we do best.  Just like textbooks haven’t replaced teachers, neither will MOOCs.  Instead, these tools give professors space to focus on higher order learning in a conversation-based, participatory classroom. 

Recently, Monmouth’s HASTAC Scholars Jade Luthy and Jennell Oddo talked with President Ditzler about MOOCs.  The following clip offers some highlights from our conversation.

Hear more from President Ditzler by watching the full interview here or reading his April 2012 blog post “Make Way for MOOCs.” 



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