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Welcome to HASTAC Scholars @ Liberal Arts Colleges!

Hi Friends in the Liberal Arts,

I've talked with several of you briefly via email or phone, and Joshua Finnell had the great idea of creating a group to share ideas.  So, here it is--welcome! 

My hope is that we can put our HASTAC Scholars in touch with one another to collectively think through how the digital humanities play a role in a liberal arts education.

I had a lovely conversation with Andrew Burkett, and we mapped out a few ideas for topics we might discuss.  Here's what we have so far:

  • Using technology to promote interdisciplinary learning
  • Using digital curation to write for a public audience
  • Using data visualization tools in the classroom
  • Other?

And, in terms of exchange and collaboration, here are some ideas for how our HASTAC Scholars might work together:

  • Compose shared posts, that explore a common issue (maybe from the list above?) on two different liberal arts campuses
  • Comment on one another's posts, using this group to let each other know when we've posted something
  • Hold Skype conversations to talk about challenges were facing and trade ideas
  • Other?

This is an open group, so anyone can join--please feel free to pass the invitation along!  And, please reply with ideas, suggestions, or questions.  I look forward to brainstorming with you!



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