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Moviemaking in miniature: my guest lecture experience with a civics engagement course at UCLA

Moviemaking in miniature: my guest lecture experience with a civics engagement course at UCLA

A friend of mine who teaches at UCLA invited me to deliver a Tabletop Moviemaking workshop in here civics engagement class. She felt that the method lent itself to a multi-disciplinary approach to arts integration across subjects. And since we were using iPads as a central part of the process, we were also able to add an exciting layer of building media literacy through media production.

"This Civic Engagement course explores the theory and practice of public arts and humanities, and we cover the importance of K-12 arts education in promoting learning across the disciplines, engaging multiple intelligences, teaching social skills and teamwork, and just generally fostering creative and critical thinking and a love of learning. Tabletop moviemaking demonstrates all of those points and more—and by having my college students do the same workshop younger students would do instead of just listening to a lecture about the importance of such pedagogy, my students get to experience the benefits of project-based learning first-hand."  -Dr. Beth Goodhue

I think she offers an articulate response from the perspective of a university lecturer who is trying to expose her students to civic/arts education in k-12 education. Her most salient point centered on the importance of placing students in the author's chair to create their own original artifacts in response to issues in their community. You'll find that the movies created during the class were on the silly side which I actually encourage as a first encounter with moviemaking because it should be fun. But I think it is easy to see the potential to create more serious movies that focus on more serious issues. I was able to document to workshop with loads of pictures and I added captions explaining each of the five main verbs used in the process: write, build, shoot, edit & share. In the span of two hours her students were able to create 4 short movies which are also embedded on the site.

Here is the link to Dr. Goodhue's full reflection on my workshops blog:

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