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HASTAC Panel (or Roundtable) on "Building and Maintaining DH Communities"

Greetings all,

This is a last minute call for anyone interested in proposing a panel (or roundtable even though that is not listed as an option) for the HASTAC conference next year.

I've copied a message I sent to Fiona which includes my university affiliation and experience building and maintaining a DH community at University of Washington. Please email me at asap if interested.

I am interested in putting together a proposal for a panel or roundtable discussion on "Building and Maintaining DH Communities." Since our grant-funded project "Demystifying Digital Humanities" ( is going into its third year, Sarah Kremen-Hicks and I thought that it would be valuable to share with others just what it is that we, as two graduate students, do: facilitate 2 quarterly 3-hour workshops, quarterly project development and feedback sessions, bi-weekly office hours, organize quarterly "DH Happy Hour Socials," and maintain a social media presence. We believe that these experiences would help to further conversations about the challenges and successes of developing institutional infrastructure from a non-departmental specific location, i.e., the Simpson Center for the Humanities as opposed to the English department directly (the department to which both Sarah and I belong). Ideally, we would like to organize a diverse panel (or roundtable), especially for those who come at this from a more challenging institutional perspective, such as a state college as opposed to an R1 university.

Thanks for reading!



Brian R. Gutierrez, Doctoral Candidate

Department of English

University of Washington



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