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TEI and Plain Text Files for Reuse in Honor of Open Access Week

Hey HASTAC folks, 

I wanted to share with everyone an amazing open TEI corpus just released by Michelle Dalmau, Interim Head of Digital Collections Services at Indiana University. 

Here's where you can access the texts: Also, I've shared my Voyant visualizations of some of the texts on the wiki:


From Michelle:

"In honor of Open Access Week, and motivated by a recent mock keynote debate, "A Matter of Scale," presented by Matt Jockers and Julia Flanders as part of the Boston Area Days of Digital Humanities Conference, I present for exploration, re-use and re-mixing outside of their native interfaces TEI (P4 & P5) and plain text files of the following e-text collections published by the Indiana University (IU) Libraries:

These files are made available for use under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 (CC BY-NC 3.0) license and can be downloaded or forked from githib,, which includes a detailed readme file that you should, um, read, about this initiative.  

I encourage you to share your uses (intended, past, and future) of this data on our repository's wiki space: <> so we can track your magic."





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