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Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing - Reflections


My blog here isn't up to snuff because I've been updating my personal blog lately with a lot of reflection posts from the time I spent at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.

Then I figured - why not just post the links to them here to start a discussion about conference topics - and overall getting women into STEM and computing fields?

This blog entry will be updated whenever I make a new entry on my personal blog, and I have plenty more to come!


Keynote Reflections:

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook
on women as leaders, her book "Lean In", and women in the workplace

Megan Smith, Vice President of Google[x]
on moonshots, finding your "x", and dreaming big


Session Reflections:

Brenda Chapman, Director/Creator of Pixar's Brave
on passion projects, perserverence, and dedication

"Why Are We Still Geeks? Panel Part 1 - Maria Klawe and Media Exposure
on representation of computer scientists in TV media

"Why Are We Still Geeks? Panel Part 2 - Brenda Laurel and Female Professional Dress
on representation and biases of female professional attire

"Why Are We Still Geeks? Panel Part 3 - Kim Surkan and Troubles for Women in CS
on the hurdles women in CS face and issues plaguing the field


General Reflections:

Grace Hopper, Mother of the Compiler
on recognition, hard work, and in tribute


Keep checking back for more topics, and feel free to start a discusson on any of them!

I'll pose the broad question that seemed to overarch the GHC experience - what are some of the reasons you feel more women don't enter computer science fields, or do not excel in them? What would you suggest we do to combat this?


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