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Hello to HASTAC! :)

Hello everybody! I'm Briana Bettin, a fourth year Computer Science student at Michigan Technological University.  My application of study is in User Experience & Marketing, which is a "mini-minor" of sorts that I built myself and had approved by the department. It brings to light my interest in the intersections of Humanities and Computer Science - where the code hits the personal experience the hardest.

As a student I'm involved in three honor societies, founding president of the Pokemon League on campus, in our women in computing sciences organization, and have helped our resident STEM outreach group with a few science festival demonstrations. When I get a spare moment I love drawing, reading, writing (especially poetry), walking dogs, playing video games, and watching cartoons.

Lately what's been of interest to me is women in technology. My major and focus of study lies more in software development pointed through interest in digital media, software studies, and human factors, but I've been influenced greatly by my attendance at the Grace Hopper conference last month to take time to reflect on the position of women in fields such as computer science. Just yesterday I managed to purchase Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In" after having the joy of seeing her speak at Grace Hopper. Reading through it in my off time, I've been pondering the points she makes and exploring in my own life how her insights to women in professional careers can apply.

So, in regards to the question on my mind lately, I'll explore Sheryl's most open ended yet poignant question:
What would you do if you weren't afraid?
(and if I may be as brazen as her, I will now tell you: go do it.)


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