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Hello Awesome People!

Hello Awesome People!

Hi Everyone! 

I'm bk, part of the '14 Scholar class, an Industrial Design student in Philadelphia(UArts), and Youth Mentor @ the Free Library of Philadelphia. 

I've been with the Free Library for about 6 months now doing informal workshops and after school programming on "making" / art / and electronics. Currently I'm focused on how to implement a kit for ethier mentors to implement and use or young library goers to tinker with while at library branches. This kit specifically will allow mentors to collaborate with youth on electronic interactive installations. At the same time I'm also helping to develop "instructor" materials and workshops ranging from basic programming to 3d printing.

Currently we have a blog( or twitter: @makerjawn) and we have a solid year of "making" ahead of us. 

At the moment I don't exactly know what I will be sharing here! But I will Of course keep ya'll updated with any resources I find or develop! Also, if you have any questions or want to share resources, I'm open to anything!

-bk @bklvnc



That sounds like a great project! Please do keep us updated - I would love to hear about your progress!


Hey! So my thesis has taken a few different directions!

I'm currently locked in to making a low-cost d.i.y. MaKey MaKey (nicknamed the "MaKeyMaKeyMaKey") that will be deployed at the Library in a month during Teen Tech Week.

My focus is to make hardware accessible with low-cost materials and tools at the library. This will allow its creators to take ownership of their tools as well as demystify hardware. This can potentially lead to us making other hardware/kits for a fraction of the cost with our "patrons". All the technical stuff as well as instructors materials will be uploaded/open sourced as I pull everything together. 

I'm also just beginning to meet and ideate with folks who have worked with 3DPrinting and youth(more to come).

On top of that we're going to begin a second iteration of our DML5 grant project Connected Messages in the near future!