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Hello from the Free Library of Philadelphia!

Hello from the Free Library of Philadelphia!


Hi HASTAC community!

My name is bk and I'm currently a senior in the Industrial Design program at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Over the past two years in the ID-UArts program I have worked on various participatory design projects around our city working with the homeless, toddlers, the disabled, and most recently children and young adults.  My work over the past four months with the Free Library of Philadelphia exposed me to working directly with children from ages 4-13 on various projects ranging from a digital muraldigital interactives, and a group workshop/how-to for the Makey Makey

Over the next academic year I will focusing on my capstone/thesis work and research at the Free Library's Central and Kenzington branches(where I am based). This will be a continuation of my work over the summer as a Maker Corps Mentor at the Village of Arts and Humanities in North Philadelphia, and will lead to a second iteration of our blog and resource hub MakerJawn

My current interest is how to properly scaffold the learning of library goers so that they can collaborate on electronic interactives around the city. A few questions and ideas that we have left up in the air: 

How can we continue the summer of making we just underwent? How do we integrate ourselves or our work into the library and it's programming and resources?

Is it possible to make stand-alone kits or hubs of information for this?

What is a better way for us to introduce and maintain interest into our tools, techniques, and projects? What worked for us over the summer?


I wish to share with you all a few learning moments from my workshops and experiences in my posts to come! They will be related to our Maker Celebration, our second iteration of the Connected Messages project, Workshops I run, and some of our experiences up at Maker Faire NYC+. I'm excited to learn and talk with you guys!




OMG, MakerJawn! Such a good name ! (As a former Philadelphian, I still love informing others about the joys and uses of "jawn")

Re: stand-alone kits and information. Some folks in my school are doing this through a project called FUSE - a challenge-based maker program that provides sites with kits and has tutorials and a community online:



FUSE is really interesting, thanks for the link! Definitely looks like it's being actively developed. 

I've been mapping out their website, looks pretty hectic and full of content to explore. They definitely need some UX/UI tlc, hahah.