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Some cool visualizations for the new year

Some cool visualizations for the new year


This is long overdue, but in November, I went to Lauren F. Klein's talk on "Data Visualization in Research and Teaching" at Penn's Humanities Forum in Philadelphia.  She's put up her slides here:

Some of the coolest stuff she presented, I thought, were examples of some interesting visualizations people do online, most of which I hadn't seen.  (As a bonus: they're all suitable for showing non-academic friends and relatives!)  A few I particularly liked were:

For making her own data visualizations, she stressed beginning with the story you want to tell and then moving on to the method/software, rather than vice-versa.  She went through a list of tools, which I thought I'd pass along, as they might be helpful for some:

  • Visualizations in space: google maps,geocommons, neatline, hypercities, open layers, ArcGIS
  • Over time:dipity, timelines.js, neatline, timeflow
  • Across networks: circos, gephi, cytoscape, nodeXL, D3.js
  • In language: wordle, manyeyes, google n gram viewer, voyant, wordseer, mallet
  • Through charts: tableau Public, Google fusion tables, D3.js
  • Tools for preparing/cleaning data: Microsoft excel (w/ search/replace), data wrangler, google refine




Check out this great book on the power of graphics and visualization:

ed. Gareth Cook, The Best American Infographics (New York, 2013)


Thanks for sharing this!  It's a burgeoning field, clearly. I wonder if being able to read/understand infographics is going to be the new "literacy" at some point?