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Hello, HASTAC!

I'm a PhD candidate in the English department at Cornell University and am pleased to be serving as one of this year's HASTAC scholars. While my principal work is 19th century British poetry and poetics, I have a long-standing interest in the digital humanities and, more specifically, in the history and implications of algorithmic reading. I plan to use this space as a place to pick up and expand on some of the ideas I had previously begun to pursue in a now long-neglected former blog and as a place to learn from others about their own experiences. While my interest in DH has been developing steadily over the last few years, I feel like I'm still a relative novice in many areas when it comes to skill development. I hope, in the coming months, both to document my own journey towards greater technical competency—with a focus on the resources that have been most helpful to me—and to reflect on the theoretical questions that DH practices raise (including, as I've written about previously, whether "mastery" is even the right way to think about DH skill acquisition). Topics I hope to address in the coming months include how TEI-encoding unites subjective and objective approaches to text, my experiences of the utility—and ethics—of using corporately-funded MOOCs to learn a programming language, and how to figure out when technology actually helps in the classroom and when it simply gets in the way. I look forward to becoming a part of the fascinating conversations that have been happening around HASTAC!


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