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Howdy Y'all! - from Rice University in Houston, Texas

Good grief – for a dude who has had his own domain since February 1999 I can be really slow about things.  My domain has remained mostly stagnant since it was created (in the current rendition) using Dreamweaver, an Adobe product I never really got very good at using.  I tried using MS WORD as a web editor back in the day, but all the gratuitous visual basic coding that MS put into the pages frustrated me tremendously.  I have a few other domains that have been suffering the same static fate.  I’ve always had the idea in the back of my mind to do more, it’s always been on my todo list.

The ONLY REASON that I’ve upped off the bench and started to do something here is that I’m enrolled Rice University’s very first Digital Humanities course.  My department Chair,  April DeConick came and spoke with us last week about her blog, and she got me motivated to get with the blogging program.

Visit my blog for a little more...  And yes, the photo is me.  I'm a native Housonian.  I don't remember being without a good felt hat even though I have no cattle, not even a yard. Here folks snidely say "he's all hat and no cattle". Obviously I'm not Texas cool. The building behind the bowling alley is my law school,



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Just FYI - the actual post LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THE PREVIEW.  Oh well. The words have not changed, but the experience is quite different.