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HASTAC Digital History Book Review of the Month Spring Series

The Digital History Group is very pleased to announce our Spring book review series featuring 1-2 reviews a month from January through May, 2014. Our aim is to stimulate discussion around some key texts in the field. We encourage group members and the wider HASTAC community to join in by commenting on the posts.

  • #1. February 15 -- Ashley Young, PhD Candidate in History at Duke University, reviewing Daniel Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig’s Digital History: a Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web (2006)
  • #2. March 15 – Lauren Tilton, PhD Candidate in American Studies at Yale University, reviewing David Golumbia's The Cultural Logic of Computation (2009)
  • #3. May 1 -- Evan Johnson, Aesthetic Studies Ph.D. Candidate at UT Dallas, reviewing, Rabinovitz, Lauren, and Abraham Geil. Memory Bytes: History, Technology, and Digital Culture. Durham: Duke University Press, 2004.
  • #4. May 15: Maryam Patton, History Student at Princeton, reviewing Daniel J. Cohen and Joseph Thomas Scheinfedlt’s Hacking the Academy: New Approaches to Scholarship and Teaching from Digital Humanities (2013)
  • #5. June 1: Sara Georgini, History Ph.D. Candidate at Boston University, reviewing: Melissa Terras, Julianne Nyhan, Edward Vanhoutte, eds., Defining Digital Humanities: A Reader (2013).
  • #6. June 15: Anna-Sophia Zingarelli, MILS Student at University of Pittsburgh, reviewing Anna Bentkowska-Kafel, Trish Cashen and Hazel Gardiner, eds., Digital Art History: A Subject in Transition (2005) 


Hey Everyone,

There were a couple of setbacks and a new addition. The current revised schedule is now posted above; I updated the original post. Look out for Lauren Tilton's Book Review to be posted to our Digital History page soon.




I've revised the Spring Series scheduled and posted it above.