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Digital History Group's Spring Spotlights Series is here!

HASTAC Digital History Group’s Spring Spotlight Series

The Digital History Group's Spring Spotlight Series will be kicking off its first Spotlight this coming Sunday, and we invite everyone to participate! The lineup is listed below and will highlight a new group interview post every two weeks.

Each Spotlight in the series will feature several professionals working in the realm of the digital humanities on projects related to Digital History and to put them in conversation around a set of questions. This roundtable interview is the online version of what you might see at a conference, but we hope it will be much more widely accessible in its internet incarnation. The interviews will be posted as one blog entry with an introduction by the Spotlight organizer and a comment will be given by one of the Digital History Group members to kick off discussion as other group members, the broader HASTAC community, and anyone interested to participate will be invited to join in the online conversation through commenting on the blog hosted on Digital History Group’s page. As you can see, there are still a few opportunities to sign up to be the commentator, so please volunteer by replying to this post or messaging one of the organizers.


Feb. 17: Spotlight 1 “The Deconstruction/Reconstruction of the Community and Institution Collaborative Model

Spotlight organizer: Linda Garcia Merchant

Featured Practitioners and Projects:

1. Samip Malick; South Asian American Digital Archive

2. Thuy Vo Dang, Vietnamese American Oral History Project

3. Janet Weaver, Iowa Women’s Archives, Mujeres Latinas Project

Commentator: Ashley Young, Duke University 


March 3: Spotlight 2 “Mobile Histories: How Mobile Technologies Transform History Teaching

Spotlight organizer: Breanne Litts

Featured Practitioners and Projects:

1. Janet Austiff and Susan Lynch, Library of Congress, Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS)

2. Jennifer Sly, Minnesota Historical Society

3. Jim Mathews, Clark Street Community School

Commentator: Linda Garcia Merchant, Co-director of the Chicana Por Mi Raza Digital Humanities Project


March 17: Spotlight 3 “Digital History’s Relationship to Human Rights Archives and Data Analysis

Spotlight organizer: Ben Weber

Featured Practitioners and Projects:

1. Pamela M. Graham, Human Rights Archive, Columbia University

2. Trudy Huskamp Peterson, Independent Human Rights Archivist

3. Patrick Stawski, Human Rights Archive, Duke University

4. Ben Miller and Lu Xiao, Digging into Human Rights Violations

Commentator: Joseph Yannielli, Yale University


April 7: Spotlight 4 “Digital History Project Management at Stanford

Spotlight organizer: Katherine McDonough

Featured Practitioners and Projects:

1. Paula Findlen, Dan Edelstein, and Nicole Coleman, Mapping the Republic of Letters

2. Zephyr Frank, Spatial History Project / Terrain of History - Rio de Janiero Historical GIS

3. Elijah Meeks, Orbis: Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World

Commentator: Abby Mullen, Northeastern University


April 21: Spotlight 5 “Duke’s Digital Humanities Labs"

Spotlight Organizer: Christina Davidson

Featured Practitioners and Projects:

1. Cathy Davidson, PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge

2. Laurent Dubois, Haiti Lab

3. Sumanthi Ramaswamy, BorderWork(s) Lab

Commentator: Ray Pun, CUNY Graduate Center



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Hello All


We have a conference coming up - March 22nd and 23rd on Women's History in the Digital World happening at Bryn Mawr College


We are launching the website today! It uses Bepress software so presenters will be able to upload their content after the conference.


Please check out the site all:


Best wishes




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