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Digital Curating in the Community: The Blake Browser

Digital tools are allowing us to share information with on a massive scale, creating new and diverse communities (like the HASTAC community).  By curating projects online, we can create global communities centered about a specific exhibit, allowing for researchers and specialists to share their knowledge freely and easily.

Three HASTAC Scholars from Monmouth College and Union College, including Jade Luthy, Jennell Oddo, and myself have created a video series to show how we’ve worked towards creating new communities through the digital projects we’ve curated.  You can see my video here.  Jade’s and Jennell’s videos are here and here respectively.  If you want to learn more about my project, you can read my blog post here.

Have you curated digital projects?  How did these projects help you build bridges across communities?  Please contribute to our conversation by linking your own videos in our comments section.  We look forward to learning about digital exhibits in your communities!


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