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#FSDW14 wrap-up

I had a fantastic and productive week in #FSDW14 this year and, like others have posted, found myself reinvigorated by the exposure to other people's fascinating work and their thoughtful responses to my own. I've also got a newly extended reading list to keep me busy over the summer.

We (Lori Beth de Hertogh, Shannon Walters and myself) had the luxury of a small group and there were plenty of intersections between the pieces we'd shared, as all touched on representations of women's bodies, care and medical practice, among other things. We had great asynchronous discussions about our papers over the course of the week and met via Skype on Friday to throw around ideas in a more unstructured environment -- this was a great addition to our workshop group and I recommend it as a practice. It allowed us to discuss broader issues of our research and academic practice, and was super valuable.

I really enjoyed working with Lori Beth and Shannon this week, and being part of the #FSDW community for the week -- same time next year, yes?


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