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Beck Wise's intro

Hi, friends,

My name is Beck Wise and I'm a PhD student in Rhetoric at the University of Texas at Austin. I earnt my MA in Women's and Gender Studies at UT in 2012 and did my undergraduate work in Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney. My research interests span gender, bodies, science and technology, and popular culture; more specifically, I'm currently working on representations of the interior of the body in public culture and how lay audiences consume these medicalised anatomic images.

The piece I'm bringing to the workshop is a seminar paper about Damien Hirst's giant foetus sculptures, which I'm hoping to knock into article shape this summer, and which I also foresee tying into my dissertation down the track. I'm also super excited to read the work shared by my other group members, Lori Beth de Hertogh and Shannon Walters.


My contact details ...


Twitter: @wisebeck



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