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Hello! An introduction

Hi, all. My name is Beck Wise and I'm a PhD student in English (specialising in Rhetoric) at the University of Texas at Austin. I'm delighted to be joining the HASTAC community formally after a couple of years lurking before breaking my silence to participate in the Feminist Scholars Digital Workshop this past May.

My interests centre on science and technology in popular/public culture--in particular, I'm interested in the anatomic body and technologically mediated visions of the body in pop culture, and the way those representations can/do shape our relationships with and conceptions of our own bodies. This drifts across film studies, art history, literature and more; my attempt to simplify it by saying 'cultural studies' (as used in my undergrad institution) typically falls flat! One of the perils of being an intercontinental, as well as interdisciplinary scholar. I'm also a member of the Digital Writing and Research Lab at UT-Austin, which makes for a lot of great opportunities for teaching with tech. In what passes for spare time, I try to keep my journalist hand in as a freelancer.

I'm looking forward to the opportunity to continue to think and work with everyone here.


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Do you write at all about any of the Whedon-verse? If so, are you planning to attend or present at the upcoming 10th anniversary Slayage conference? If not, you should. I'm particularly interested in your work on technologically mediated bodies in pop culture. 

On an unrelated note, I wonder if you've honed in on any particularly useful methodologies for dealing with intercontinental work (specifically methodologies that work for the overly rigid institutional requirements of academia). I'm working on exam area rationales at the moment and am encountering some minor resistance regarding my desire to situate my work as "transatlantic." Not all of this resistance is unfounded, but I'm looking for some established methodologies to help negotiate the boundaries our professional world seems so focsed on keeping!