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Introduction -- Beck Wise

Coming in at the last second -- and written in a rush after losing my post with ten minutes before the deadline! Please ask if you'd like me to clarify or expand on anything.

About Me

I'm Beck Wise, a PhD student in English (specialising in rhetoric) at the University of Texas at Austin. I hold an MA in Women's and Gender Studies from the same institution and did my undergrad at the University of Sydney in cultural studies -- so I've bounced around a few related fields. My research interets pivot on gender, bodies and pop culture; right now I'm working on the use of medical imaging (and related) technologies, and the way they're used to construct and police a sexualised body in public culture. Or, as I summarise it in the lead-in to my elevator pitch: 'I work on x-ray porn'.

What I hope to get out of the workshop

I'm bringing a chapter from my MA thesis, which I plan to revise for publication. I recently wrote myself out of the venue I had in mind, so I'm still thinking about that -- but what I'm most interested in getting from this workshop is some different disciplinary perspectives. I'm also thrilled to be making connections with cool feminist scholars at large :)

Prior experience w/ workshopping writing, etc.

Very little! Most of my experience is with anti-workshopping ... the top-down, no-contact commercial editing route (I was a magazine editor in my pre-academic career).

Contact info

I'm emailable at beck.wise at, on twitter @wisebeck, and on the web at


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