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As a publisher of digital entertainment that educates, engages and empowers, we at E-Line have become big believers in the idea that one of the secrets to getting an audience engaged with content is to make it relevant to them in very direct and very concrete ways. As we continue to work on the design of our game, we've become kind of obssesed with this notion of relevancy and are continually looking for ways to optimize every asspect of the user experience to achieve it.

One decision we made very early on was to anchor or first release in the franchise in apparel and fashion. Our initial research and focus group work showed this to be a natural area of interest for our target audience of teens and young adults. So it was kind of fun for us to get a little confirmation of this a couple of weeks ago when the winners of the 2009 OppenheimerFunds/NFTE National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge had the opportunity to meet President Obama at the White House. As an Inc. Magazine article on the event notes:

"The first-prize winner is Kalief Rollins, of Carson, California, who was chosen from among 24,000 entrants. Rollins received a cash prize of $10,000 for developing a business plan for Phree Kountry Clothing, a custom T-shirt company which he co-founded with his brother, Anthony."


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