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How to Succeed as an Online Teacher

The demand for online tutor's surged enormously after the pandemic as most parents wanted some extra help for their children studying from home. Online tutoring covers students and other age group clients as the service caters to several categories. 

Customers range from aging people who want to learn what Facebook is to businesses hiring tutors to explain to the clients about using their app. The essential requirement to excel in online tutoring is the right connections, patience, and the ability to work around the clock.

Avail the advanced technology


Make extensive use of the advanced technology available for free, like Google Hangouts, Skype, and other video conferencing websites. Keep the laptop or computer well-serviced and connected to an uninterrupted internet connection, which works fine even during peak hours. Install a good quality webcam and microphone, which is essential to make your teaching reach the students. 

Take a few online classes yourself and master using virtual whiteboard software like Scribblar and document sharing software like Google Classroom to share the class resources.

Identify your niche 

Do some self-examination and find out your core niche or the field you are proficient in teaching by attending online courses or getting suggestions from friends and other students. A person skilled in mathematics might not be good at teaching it to others but excel in teaching history, language or grammar. 

Do some soul searching to find your field of expertise and register for providing online tutoring in that field. Try to enhance your knowledge in the field by getting diplomas or certifications and keep adding them to your credentials. 

Be warm and accommodating to the parents interviewing you to tutor their children, instilling confidence about your skills among them.

Patience and proficiency 

Patience is the key to online tutoring as it involves teaching a specific student a small group of students directly. The students will never be willing to sit and learn for hours if you teach them one-on-one. It is tough to motivate the students to learn the subjects they hate or regularly score low marks. 

Since most parents hire online tutors to help the children in the topics they lack, it takes ample patience and innovative teaching techniques to make them listen and try the coursework. Try to understand the student's perspectives and inspire them to work with you rather than insisting on working hard or commanding them to listen to you.

Create engaging course material

Engaging study material interesting to read or watch, like visual PowerPoint slides, will highly interest the students. Offer to teach them how to do the same or give a chance for them to create the course materials themselves. Most students learn better by making them provide a seminar rather than mugging up the subject for hours. 

Innovative teaching methods will inspire the students to explore the topic independently and understand the concept better. 

Ask students to list daily physics concepts in the house or urge them to find out a sentence representing a particular grammatical format from the newspaper. Keep them engaged through creative audiovisual course material to make the students perform better.

Establish valuable connections

tutors need good connections, just like any other business, to expose themselves to the parents searching for suitable tutors. Use a business phone system like Talkroute that offers multiple numbers to contact you with  automatic redirects.

Sign up with tutoring websites and present a satisfactory portfolio highlighting your specializations, tutoring certifications, and previous experience. Adding a sample video is explaining a complex concept quickly to give proof of talent to the viewers. 

Create an online presence in various social media connections and post videos about the service to reach more people looking for online tutors.


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