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#FSDW14 Intro

Hi, everyone! My name is Amey Victoria Adkins, and I'm a PhD candidate at Duke in the Religion program (Christian Theological Studies) and earning the Certificate in Feminist Studies. My interests focus broadly on the figure of the Virgin Mary (ie, Mariology, which considers the interpretations of her life and work theologically), and the ways Christian purity narratives of race, gender and sexuality are deployed as technologies of violence and conquest. My dissertation is a theological account of the global sex trade and I am currently living in Amsterdam as part of my continued research. 

For our discussion, I'm revisiting an older paper that reads Augstine's Confessions through the lens of Annamarie Jagose's Orgasmology. I wrote the paper (somewhat speculatively) based on her article and lectures on the subject prior to the book's release, and am looking forward to some fresh feedback on it! 



Amey Victoria 


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Welcome to the workshop, Amey! 

Your article draft on Augstine's Confessions and Annamarie Jagose's Orgasmology sounds fascinating; I'm sure your group will enjoy reading and responding to your work! 


Lori Beth