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Hello, world.

Hello, everyone -- I'm a brand-new HASTAC scholar and I'm excited to become involved with this extraordinary community.

I am an MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science) student at the University of Pittsburgh, focusing on Archives and Information Science. I come from an emphatically traditional humanities background, and am just beginning to explore digital humanities through a Digital Scholarship seminar, participating in HASTAC, and a heck of a lot of self-guided reading and coding lessons. I double majored in history and classical languages at a Jesuit university, and completed an MA in art history in 2011.

As I make my way in the LIS professions, my interests seem to be coalescing into four general themes, each of which probably deserves a post of its own:

-special collections cataloging/metadata/open data

-digital tools for art historical research

-digital volunteering and cultural heritage crowdsourcing

-the development (and, I daresay, improvement) of LIS education and professional development

As a graduate curatorial intern at The Jewish Museum in New York in 2010, I spent about six months in the museum archives to uncover every work of art by a woman artist ever exhibited at the museum. A museum staff member then put together some data visualizations, but now realizing how much I didn't know then, one of my major goals for this year is to revisit this data see if I can develop any new or more nuanced conclusions.

Last but not least, my interests outside of the academy include 80s detective shows, maple bacon doughnuts, and my elderly cocker spaniel. You can also find me tweeting way too much at @aszingarelli and blogging intermittently at Hack Library School and ArLiSNAP.


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