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Hello all,

I know this is extremely late but well..... I am Asmita Jain, currently an MA student of Digital Culture and Society at King's College London.I have done my Bachelors in English Literature from University of Delhi, India. As such, I'm fairly new to Digital Humanities. My primary interest is in looking at participatory culture (Jenkins,2003) and analysing the importance of fandom, modern media and copyright in relation to recent innovations in digital narrativisation. I'm also particularly interested in looking at the reconfiguration of different media and their boundaries through the digital platform's reliance on intermediality.

At the moment, I'm working on establishing a discussion group on Transformative Works across University of London that allows for trans-disciplinary flow of ideas and fruitful discussions. I'm looking forward to being a  more active part of this community and I hope to have some very interesting discussions and collaboration over the year.

Also, if any of you are in Lndon and interested in discussing some of these things over a cup of coffee, do let me know!





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