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Rap Genius Classroom Experiment

Hi Friends,

    Inspired by a recent comment in the Digital History Working Group on HASTAC, I thought I would throw out the idea of encouraging each other to experiment with Rap Genius as a platform for collective classroom annotation.

    I actually just received an email from Rap Genius. They have set up a discussion forum for educators experimenting with Rap Genius in the classroom. According to the email, "This is a space for teachers and professors to discuss classroom applications of the Genius platform. Feel free to share assignments and success stories, or to ask for help troubleshooting a problem that you’re having on the site. What’s next? Private forums for class-specific discussion! Soon Genius will be the one-stop platform for all your pedagogical needs." The site is clearly ambitious in its goals to transform higher education.

   Some institutions have already started experimenting on a larger level. For example, Harvard students studying religion will be annotating scripture on the site through a Harvard Div School MOOC.

   Perhaps it is time for us to jump on board too?  Or, if some of you have already started experimenting with Rap Genius, perhaps you can give us some tips.


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