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STEM Scholars Working Group: The STEM Sandbox-Getting Kids Inspired for Life Series Introduction

When it comes to technological innovation, the United States is one of the world’s leaders, however, among 15-year-olds worldwide, the US ranks 29th in math literacy. This means that the US delivers a less-than-excellent education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM education). Due to the declining quality of public primary and secondary education as well as an overall lack of financial and societal support (only 10 percent of children's TV characters are scientists or engineers), fewer young American students are showing an interest in STEM education.

Given that so many US students have shied away from STEM studies, parents and caregivers have started the initiative to get kids involved in, and to stay interested in, STEM. The question is: how to get kids excited about STEM education and its professional possibilities. What are the steps in taking this proactive approach? This series will help build a sandbox of tools and exercises that can help kids get more involved in STEM and stick with it.



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