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Introduction to Psychology of Visualization Blog Series


Communication is a large component in visualization. How to get the most attention and communication from visualization is harder than is sounds. In my series for the 2013-2014 HASTC Scholars Visualization Working Group I will be discussing the psychological aspects and considerations of communicating through visualizations.

The series will include 7 main categories and 25 sub topics. Most sections have scholarly works cited at the end for further research. Each post will be added every-other-day beginning January 21, 2014, excluding weekends, and contain one sub topic for discussion.

Most of my examples were originally derived from a posting on User Interface Design from the book Neuro Web Design: What makes them click? by Susan Weinschenk and abridged by my research into visualization communication.

The 7 Main topics within this series are:

  1. Food, Sex, and Danger- A Deadly Combination
  2. Cognizance- Mental Gymnastics
  3. Humanity Traits- Humanity defined as...
  4. Sequence the of Information
  5. Perception- Shadows on the Wall
  6. Peripheral Vision and Mind Wondering- Zoning or Keeping you alive?
  7. Bag of Emotions


Please add any comments or examples you may have to the series posts!


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