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Merging and collaborating: two very different paths to digital humanities

It seems like everyone is trying to come up with a witty introduction to their HASTAC Scholar's 2014 class post, and I admit I thought of doing that too, but I am a realist at heart so here goes.

My main research is: Ontology Visualization: Term search from indexing to retrieval. This encompasses a few themes: ontology is indexing, metadata, search, and content management as well as language, machine learning, and multilingual cognizance and psychology. What a mouthful! Visualization on the surface seems more simplistic –it’s a visual- but that also includes psychology, and a lot of the topics covered in ontology but with the scope of it being produced in a visual form. That in a nutshell, albeit a very large one, is what I am interested in.

There are 3 things I hold academically close:

1.  Organizing

2. Learning

3. Helping

All of these can be combined in different combinations to fit almost everything I set out to do. I am interested in bridging the gap between humanities and computer science. This has been said before but we are no closer to finding the happy medium. There are a lot of folks on here, and elsewhere, that consider themselves a merging of the two but I think that each side must be cultivated for its strengths and them complement each other, not be melded together. When a melding occurs it’s the like the old saying “jack of all trades but master of none.” Some may find cause to dispute that, and I respect anyone who feels otherwise –goodness knows this is just my humble opinion seen from my box looking out- but seeking to know everything about each topic is foolhardy. Study which side where you have the most strength, understand it as completely as possible, and then talk to people who have their strength on the other side; collaboration is the key.

With that said I hope to make strong connections to collaborative-minded people here to try to bridge my individual gap –collaborating on my strengths and my weaknesses with others I may find cohesions with. Anyone up for the challenge?


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