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Trick or Treat!? Late introduction on Halloween day

Trick or Treat!? Late introduction on Halloween day

Hello all ^^

Nice to meet  you all. I'm so happy and glad to become a part of HASTAC scholar class 2014.

My name is Rujirat Vinitphol (Gift). Please call me Gift for short.  

I'm currently a PhD Candidate at the Graduate school of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo. My research focuses on social media, creative culture, participatory culture and collaborative culture on the Internet especially for the Japanese video sharing side: Niconico Douga. 

Personally, I'm an Otaku in Anime, Manga and Doujinshi. My fieldwork during my Master's degree were comic events. Thus, talking about Anime or fan culture or fangirls are also more than welcome! 

Since I'm residing in Japan now, I don't know how much I can contribute "physically" (like joining the conference, seminar) but I think I can do a lot "virtually" :)

Sorry for my late introduction and happy to meet you all~





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