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Family Trust Network Design Review

In January, Rye traveled to the DML mid-year design feedback session. We received feedback from a range of experts, and are working to incorporate it into the pilot. The feedback from panelists was actionable and targeted. Specific items from the workshop include:

- build a feedback mechanism into the permission slip app for parents and families to provide immediate, lightweight feedback on their experience using the app,
- possible release of the permission slip app as a standalone app so schools and parents can use it on its own to drive adoption and broad usage,
- working with the Berkman Center at Harvard to determine the validity of SMS as a platform for parents that have indicated they want to use it for consent processes,
- work with pilot sites that will enable us to test specific use cases for key student populations (e.g Special education and at-risk youth),
- design solutions that help to differentiate between the varying levels of trust among participants in permission slips, activities, and related services. 

We have learned a lot so far. 3 things we would share with a new project...

1. Talk to end users early and often. We saved an immeasurable amount of design and development time by talking to users early in the process rather than building the entire consent app before learning that we did not include some of the most-commonly used forms of consent in schools.
2. Keep it simple. The tendency is to try to do it all—build a brand new app-based service, design an info-graphic, pilot in schools, and conduct a case study. We have an amazing team and have been able to complete the activities, but have felt the pressure of competing priorities as the deadlines near.
3. Its all about the company you keep. The team is critical. Rye would not exist without the awesome collaborators that we are fortunate to work with. Choose you team wisely. They will support you and keep you grounded when things get tough.


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