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The Sphere of Media Influence

Alem D. Radončić

Prof. Ashton


November 18, 2015


The Sphere of Media Influence


            Actors, actresses, and other famous icons are always badgered by paparazzi and photographers. The people want to know what goes on in the daily life of a star. The main question is, why? Some may and some may not agree on the obsession of the public’s view of celebrities. Most people are fascinated by what journey a celebrity may go through in his/her life. The media is there to report to the public of major occurrences of any celebrity.

            Some people tend to have an attraction for what the media perceives celebrities as. As the reporters and journalists track every move of those with fame, people are drawn into the drama that can come about. The media has a great hold on what the public opinion could be toward celebrities. Examples of the media’s powerful hand are shown throughout history. Tonya Harding was a famous and well-known figure skater in the United States. Her fame had quickly shattered when the media pinned Tonya and her ex-husband to the assault of Nancy Kerrigan who was Tonya’s rival in the 1994 Winter Olympics. Once this incident took place, the journalists were on top of it and had articles ready to be publicized. Soon after the people heard about what Tonya had done, everyone turned a blind eye towards her. Not only were her actions a major slipup in her skating career, but the media also shot down her popularity as being known as the world’s greatest figure skater to being known as a dangerous and violent person.

            In this example, the media shows how influential it could be to the public. Their ability to demoralize someone’s fame is formidable. The people’s curiosity towards celebrities is what drives the media to exploit those with great recognition. The negative attributions of celebrities seem to be more important for the media to televise and report because it will capture the eyes of viewers more affectively. People are more engaged to know about Kim Kardashian and Ray J than to know about who Malala Yousafzai is and her award of the Nobel Prize for advocating for female rights and education. The people want information on know what goes on in the world and the media takes advantage of the opportunity to bolster or denounce one’s popularity career. Using this, celebrities start new trends and inflict negative or positive influences upon the public. The power is tremendous upon the media and celebrities over the public. Celebrities also have the ability to take on the role of an advertiser to sustain revenue.

            Another target for the media are people of political fame. The president of the United States is under constant surveillance by the press. Any move that the media may deem to be a major fault will be reported to the people whether or not the person wants it to be publicized or not. An example would be when the train attack occurred in Paris and Fox host Anna Koolman said on air “Is This What Happens When the Obama Administration Takes Its Eye Off The War Of Terror?” In other words, Koolman is blaming the catastrophe that happened in Paris on President Obama. However, the people who committed the crimes were ISIS members. The media has the ability to report news stories and manipulate them to slander or benefit one’s reputation. In this case, the terrorist acts were used to disparage Barack Obama’s status as a leader. This type of defamation of character is seen throughout the media world. Many people may change the channels on the T.V. and find two older looking gentlemen in suits bad mouthing each other in an intelligent way with the subject of politics at hand.

            Overall, the media realm is a major inspiration on the public. The sphere of influence the media has can be subsequent to the economic concept of supply and demand. The public or consumers demand the information that they want in order to satisfy their curiosity. The media supplies the information to the people, therefore having control of sharing what information is deemed important to satisfy the needs of the public. With this jurisdiction, people are exposed to a world of criticism. One may be scrutinized to the point where one’s reputation is completely tarnished. The media also generates hefty revenue through the business of advertisement. The reason why people have a strong interest in what the famous do in life is that is what the viewers expects the media to portray. The people may want more information on Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation from male to female so the media casts a show about her journey in the new show “I Am Cait.” Thus, this shows the media’s purpose in society. To report the current events and keep the balance of social popularity among society.


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