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Debating Visual Knowledge Wrap-Up

The DVK Symposium wrapped up yesterday, with one final panel featuring research in the areas of theatre, biology, English, and art history. Despite the chilly weather in Pittsburgh, the Graduate Student Symposium was a success, with many lively conversations and opportunities for making new connections. Although the Symposium was physically situated in an institution committed primarily to the display and collection of fine art, the symposium addressed visual knowledge in a variety of realms.

The organizers of the Symposium, doctoral students in the Department of the History of Art and Architecture and the School of Information Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh, emphasized that the Symposium was not intended to establish a precise definition for "visual knowledge" but rather to consider visual knowledge as a point of convergence or meeting point for interdisciplinary collaboration. Indeed, the process of organizing the Symposium itself demonstrated the elusiveness of a definition. Its ambiguity is precisely what made visual knowledge a fitting topic for an event such as this. More at


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