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Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

Hello fellow HASTAC Scholars!

I am very much looking forward to our work this year! In order to introduce myself, I'll introduce my DH projects. 

I have worked on several different digital humanities projects over the years from 14th century manuscripts to 19th century poetry and novels.  At present, I am focusing on the Victorian end of the spectrum. 

I am building an online archive of Victorian-era detective fiction featuring female detectives.  It is called, unimaginiatively enough, The Victorian Female Detective Archive.  I'm currently working my way through proofreading OCR transcriptions of the texts to prepare them for TEI markup, and posting on the website alongside high-res TIFs of the books.  In conjunction with my dissertation, which examines the presence of the supernatural in Victorian detective fiction, I am developing a set up custom TEI tags to describe the various supernatural phenomena, how they are used, by whom or on whom they are used, etc.  This is proving an interesting challenge, since the Victorians themselves could hardly agree on what to make of clairvoyance, ghosts, prophetic dreams, and mesmerism, but I have hopes that this endeavour will illuminute patterns of the supernatural influence on detective fiction. 

I also have interests in musical settings of poetry and how to render the relationship digitally, and in the role of libraries in digital humanities work.

Check back for updates on my work!


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