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I am working on a paper for class and I thought I'd use this blog as an opportunity to think out loud.  As I mentioned I'm particularly interested in the relationship of augmented reality to documentary film but it's not an easy relationship to define.  After all they are distinct media; however, there are a number of projects out that are essentially historic re-enactments, non-fiction narratives, or re-contextualizing of archive material.  
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It's tricky to think clearly about this because the spatial organization lends itself to a game structure far more easily than it does any kind of narrative but that's often because of it's almost unquestioned relationship to interactivity.  As such I'm concerned that the discussions of "games" overrides the overall experience and will begin to dominate the discourse about narrative and stories as it often does in game studies (the game comes first, then the story).
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Anyways, just some preliminary thoughts and thought I'd share a few interesting links.  I'm looking for an angle to start drawing explicit connections between interactive and digital documentaries and AR and I think there's some amazing material to draw from at

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